Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Special Moments With Glenn Grothman

Few politicians wallow in their dumbness with the pride Glenn Grothman displays. From the MSNBC "slob" comment to his constituent newsletters completely fouled by "Glenn-isms", the Siren brings you the first of a series to be known as:

Special Moments with Glenn Grothman  

Today's moment is dedicated to the ladies in the house...

"We are all grateful when children are not aborted. Nevertheless, out of wedlock births have grown from 10.7-percent in 1970 to 41-percent last year. Also, unlike 1970, almost none of those children are placed for adoption."

Naturally, our childless-bachelor-Senator blames this trend on rampant birth control availability to teens in public schools. Forgetting of course abortion was not legal in 1970 and figures that accurately reflect the number of unintended pregnancies are not available - unlike today. But let's not argue over facts - it is clear to Mr. Grothman not nearly enough children are being up for adoption and it's tearing apart the fabric of the American family. Sheesh!