Saturday, September 24, 2011

Useful Idiots

The Obama's pledging allegiance with their left hands?
Did you ever wonder why approval ratings for the Tea Party are at 28%? Because Grandma and Grandpa don't like to be associated with overtly dumb people.

For example, those silly kids over at the Tea Party annex Patriot Voices of SE Wisconsin have been passing around crazy false information for nearly two years. It's become such a routine, no one bothers to even correct it anymore.

Just YESTERDAY, teabilly Don forwarded the photograph above of the President and Mrs. Obama standing for the pledge of allegiance with their left hands raised instead of their right. The message read:
"Gotta be the dumbest fools to ever hold the office of President, anywhere. How embarrassing it is to have this as our President and first lady! But I guess, when you've never done the pledge allegiance, you don't know what to do! Maybe it's the Muslim way.At first I thought the picture was reversed, but the wedding rings indicate that it's right, as do the buttons on his suit.
I am so embarrassed to know that this IDIOT is our President. What have they done to us? How could someone vote for him?He is our President until November 2012!"

Embarrassing indeed Don.

Did any of the Patriots receiving it correct Don's email by pointing out that this photo-shopped image began circulating in 2009? Did they point out that it was not a picture of the pledge, but rather a moment of silence during the playing of "Taps" for the 9-11 dead on September 11, 2009? Did they mention that if you simply Google - "fact check, Obama's hand photograph" a million links come up immediately saying it's a fraudulent photo of an original found on Newsday and countless videos showing the both of them using their right hands?

Of course not. No one over there even cares about facts anymore. All they want and desire is information to fuel their sad view of Obama even if it is ridiculously and provably false.  

Teabilly, Pamela replied to Don's email by saying:
"It's not dumb. It's very very smart. How else do you pretend to make the pledge and still not make the pledge and insult the nation at the same time? This alone should give people a deep concern. No true American citizen would mistake which hand to use. And the fact BOTH are doing it points to a conscious decision to do so."
From Bachmann's crazy HPV claim or Orly Taitz birth certificate obsession, what was once an exciting movement has been dragged down by lunacy and denial. Our 912 Patriot Voices (or whatever they call themselves) have gone over the edge and no one is left to steer the ship. Two years later they are still mumbling the same outrageous lies and distortions.

28%. It's amazing that many people still approve.