Monday, September 26, 2011

Vossy Getting All Bipartisan & Shizz

On the forklift, thinking of the children.
The boys take their talking points orders very seriously. Scott Walker mumbles something like "we're bipartisan" and off they go...

Just like clockwork, Mr. Vos parlays his beer shampoo sympathy into some good ol' child pandering in Sunday's JT (which is oddly unavailable on their website). Titled: "New legislation gives Wisconsin families incentive to adopt." The legislation being proposed is one which gives Wisconsin families a $5000 tax credit to help cover adoption costs.

Vos said, "when a new piece of legislation to provide families with an incentive to adopt was brought up: I jumped at the chance to become a co-sponsor."

Awww. He's just a softy, isn't he?

Let's be clear, this is good legislation. But, it is hardly new legislation. The Adoption Expenses Tax Credit Bill (Assembly Bill 78) was introduced and passed in 1995 - long before Vos graced the Assembly. It has been extended, modified and re-ratified a number of times, each time with large support on both sides of the aisle. The state adoption tax credit has been $5000 for a number of years.

Vos says the bill is intended to cover the "potential" loss in assistance, however he's playing deceptive here. President Obama extended the tax credit for adoptive parents, and even made it refundable for a few years. There is no reason to believe it would not be extended in 2013.

The Siren would like to tell you whether Vos' bill substantially alters or improves the credit adoptive parents already get, but she cannot. Why? Because it's not a bill yet.

Representative Vos hasn't introduced it yet, something we think he might have mentioned in his commentary.

So just in case you were feeling a bit sour on ol' Robin and his votes to slash Medicare for children, his votes to allow health insurance companies to deny coverage on hearing devices for children, $1 billion in school funding and of course his consistent nays on sex education which have proven to reduce unwanted pregnancies which cause more and more adoptions- he's using little Billy as a human shield.

Why make the lives of children and their parents any easier when you can sell yourself as a crusader for all those folks who can afford to adopt a baby someone else can't keep?