Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Walkergate - Deja Vu All Over Again

Bonnie Ladwig at sentencing.
Those who live around Racine County are used to the Ladwig family. They have been politicos for many years - now in their second generation. As Ladwig lore goes, papa Jim was a State Representative, succeeded by his wife, Bonnie. Bonnie was replaced by aide Robin Vos, college roommate of now County Executive, Jim Jr.


Bonnie Ladwig was convicted in 2006 for misdemeanor ethics violations, she was ordered to pay just under $5000 in restitution and 30 days electronic monitoring. She could have gotten a year in the pokey. The court found she had used her position to raise money for Republican candidates - in other words, campaigning on state time.

Sound familiar?

Skip forward a few years and Ladwig's former aide, Robin Vos is not only in her old seat, but Co-chair of Joint Finance no less. Vos' political ally and boss, Scott Walker, is ducking a John Doe investigation, computers have been seized and former staffers have resigned for - wait for it - campaigning on state time.


So last night, Segway Jeremy Ryan (when not making himself the story, can do interesting things) posted an article about cronyism etc. He brings up an interesting question:

Why is Bonnie Ladwig listed as "Treasurer of Friends and Neighbors of Robin Vos"...his campaign website?

Detail of Vos' home page

Ladwig is clearly qualified to collect campaign money for Vos - so qualified it's literally criminal. Ha! Not kidding.

It is more than ironic and cynical the Treasurer for the state's most powerful Assembly member was convicted of ethics violations, all while this administration sinks under the pressure of  brand new ethics probes and violations.

The sundown of Fitzwalkerstan? The Siren can only hope so.