Monday, September 12, 2011

Was Robin Vos A Victim Of School Yard Bullies?

"Someday I will make you all pay."
Robin Vos' naked attack on public schools has certainly been scripted by his low friends in high places like Betsy DeVos with actual blueprints provided by ALEC, but doesn't his hate for public schools seem just a bit deeper and darker than that?

The Siren guesses his hair started to recede around 6th grade and those arms...well, they were not going to the gun show were they?

Did Robin Vos fall prey to those big boys with lots of hair and muscles who poked fun at him over his effete sounding given name?

Well, it's payback time motherfuckers. Vossy-Wossy is not gonna take any prisoners while he has got an ounce of juice in those spindly forearms...

So we all know about his hard-on to drain the life out of public schools through vouchers and he succeeded to a  very large degree. If you think it's over - don't. Vos and friends are dropping the other shoe called "Special Needs Scholarships" or AB110, a bill quietly working its way through the legislature.

It doesn't sound bad, but it is. Special needs advocate groups who are normally not too political have totally gone ballistic at the prospect of it passing in Wisconsin, so let's take a look at what it is...

Naturally written in base form by ALEC, the idea is to give out scholarships to kids - regardless of income - who have a special needs IEP so they may attend a school of their choice and get the special education they require. Okay?

Very few private schools offer special education environments, it's expensive and they really don't have to provide it because that kid can go to a public school which is mandated to teach them anyway. In fact, the rules that pertain to special needs education are very specific and are designed to make sure every child is treated fairly in spite of their disability. Under AB 110, private schools receiving special needs vouchers don't have to follow those laws, they do not have to hire any special needs educators and once a parent agrees to take a voucher they forfeit their child's federal and state rights to special education.

Plus AB110 does not prohibit private schools from charging extra for tuition beyond the voucher, making it a subsidy for middle and upper class students rather than a tool for choice. Should a parent become unsatisfied with the level of education their special needs child receives from the private school which isn't actually required to teach to the level of a special needs student - the school gets to keep the money when sonny-boy goes back to a public school with Special Ed. professionals.

Vossy-Wossy is but one of a host of cretins sponsoring this bill which held it's hearing on the same day as Voter ID. Hmmm hiding it much? Vos and friends resent providing care for anybody above and beyond their own needs. If your kid is deaf, that's your fucking problem not his.

And so the bullied becomes the bully.