Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wisconsin: Perfectly Summed Up In One Day's Events

On the day Racine, Wisconsin is re-christened as #1 in state unemployment, Scott Walker and wife, Marie-Tonette are hosting a wine and croquet party at the Governor's mansion.

On the day that President Obama will speak about the desperate need for jobs in our country from a dilapidated bridge in Ohio, people from Racine will travel to the I-43 bridge in Milwaukee to state emphatically they need jobs and are ready to work...

Scooter and Marie-Tonette will be outrageously sipping wine with wealthy supporters on the pastoral lawn of the Lake Mendota mansion.

Marie-Tonette will hand out fancy designer handbags with her favorite little spa items to her guests. How nice. Unemployed workers from Racine are car-pooling to Milwaukee to save gas money.

The Siren is aware the fette at the mansion is a fundraiser, but it's called OPTICS assholes. Whoever thought handing out Bobbi Brown lipstick (retail price $23.00) and playing croquet was a cute idea while the people of Racine (and beyond) suffer should truly have their head examined...attached or not.