Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Case For Governor Mahlon Mitchell

So the big news around the recall and who is gonna be a candidate for Governor - is that Professional Firefighters State President, Mahlon Mitchell has floated the idea he is considering a run for the job.

Well this is interesting!

No one has officially declared, but with the adamant refusal of Russ Feingold, the possibilities seem...boring and a little uninspired.

Kathleen Falk. We could use a woman Gov. for sure, but she's lost twice and this doesn't seem like the right time for a previous loser.

Dave Obey. He's fooling around talking about other candidates while people keep talking about him. Breaking it down - he's old and he's boring. Harsh? Ever heard him speak?

Jon Erpenbach. Hubba hubba. We loves some Erpie. The leaving the state thing, no matter how right, justified and noble does not sit well with a lot of voters...even ones who hate Walker. That would be the narrative of his campaign and it would totally be a pain in the ass.

Peter Barca. We heard he was thinking, but has not uttered a peep. Is he out? No one knows and time is getting close. Acting like you don't want it doesn't always mean you are flirting with the idea.

So that brings us to the exciting development of Mahlon Mitchell. He's young, he's smart, he's black and he's a motherfucking firefighter. Let us also not diminish that fact that he is a dreamboat in the looks department.

The Siren's mermaid friends have been smitten with him in not completely wholesome ways since he came on the scene. Can we talk about the uniform? Yes please!

Mitchell would bring out young and minority votes like gangbusters...and that's where the party does it's poorest turnout work. His candidacy would be exciting in a way we need and breathe some real excitement in to the recall petition drive. Where he lacks in name-recognition  - he gains in instant likability like we seldom see.

This guy showed up at everything Wisconsin Union related this year - he's got the stamina and ability to campaign. We like the idea a lot and it seems so do many others.

Fingers crossed.