Thursday, October 13, 2011

Disorderly Grandma's & Other Lies Rojo Tells

Disorderly grandma clearly is a threat to Johnson's staff.

19 people were arrested in Milwaukee at Ron Johnson's office yesterday during the lunch hour. It was not secret that a group was going to Johnson's office to meet with him and it wasn't a surprise they got arrested... because that's what happens these days when citizens show up at their elected officials offices not in a bus paid for by Americans for Prosperity.

What was a surprise is the group didn't make it past the entryway in what is a Federal Court House...meaning a publicly owned building...before they were arrested.

Johnson's staff person met them in the vestibule and would only agree to set up a meeting with 5 or 6 of the people in the group. All being constituents, they declined the meager offer and were told to leave. So they decided to sit down. All 19 were then arrested.

Johnson released a statement saying:
"I instructed my State Director to offer to meet with any and all of the protesters who came today to my Milwaukee and Oshkosh offices. Unfortunately, those who came to my Milwaukee office were more interested in scoring political points than discussing issues. They chose not to meet with my staff, but instead to be disorderly, which unfortunately resulted in their arrest by law enforcement."
Not true. When a second group came to the Johnson's Oshkosh office at 2pm - Johnson's staff realized they had a PR disaster on their hands and prepared a written statement on why Senator Moneybags voted against the Jobs Act. By then they were willing to schedule a meeting, which satisfied the group...only for them to discover later Johnson was already committed to a fundraiser during the exact same time.

What a liar.

BTW: The Milwaukee 19 were ticketed for trespassing not for disorderly conduct.