Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Drug Testing The Unemployed? Never Mind.

Remember back in June when the Wisconsin Legislature voted to withhold for one year unemployment benefits for anyone who failed or refused to take a drug test?

That was a nice provision added by our own, Robin Vos, who has become the poster boy in Wisconsin for resentment politics.

He admitted at the time the law might not be legal under Federal guidelines, but these guys only have so many calender days to shove every bit of extreme right-wing pro-corporate legislation through before the state wakes up.

Illegal? Unconstitutional? Fuck it. That's what they hire the lawyers for.

So yesterday a Wisconsin Senate Committee voted to roll back that turd of a law. It seems they have actually considered not only that federal courts have struck down such provisions but perhaps they considered the cost to drug test people. Not a stellar example of fiscal conservation.

Do not be persuaded that any Republicans in Madison are softening their positions or have become contemplative as a new round of recalls draw near. They are emboldened to attempt to pass as much as they can in the time they have available.

No matter how craven, cynical and illegal the laws Republicans are proposing - they will see what sticks and call it a victory. What doesn't will come back around again before we know it.