Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Who says you can't rise to a level of influence within the county Democratic party in a short time? Not the Siren any longer...

Local Dems are all abuzz this morning after learning who got nominated for party offices at last night's meeting.

Turns out Bob Turner nominated Eric Marcus for Democratic Party Chair. (!?!?!?!?!) Well, actually he nominated "Marcus" for chairman until someone leaned over and told him the guy's entire name.

Oh the lolz.

Many didn't realize Marcus was a member of the party...and he wasn't until a couple of weeks ago. You see, Marcus is like a Democratic savant: ready to be Chairman even though he's never run a campaign (we're not counting his embarrassing 38% failure as Mayor), doesn't know rank and file members of the party locally or statewide, never worked the Dem tent at the county fair, has never attended a convention or more than a couple meetings and has only contributed money to Republican candidates!

The Siren assumes Fred Dooley wasn't available for the nomination.

Marcus will face former "Democrat of the Year" and longtime party worker, Jane Witt. Witt has forgotten more things about running the party than most will ever know. (Sweet Jane, just a word of advice: stay off the radio, it's more trouble than it's worth.)

So here's the deal Dems...you have a recall election, spring elections and something else....oh, the Presidential election. Who do you want to lead the party during such an important year? A woman who has the loyal support of Democrats and elected officials with years of experience and know-how or a guy who ran a failed and flaccid campaign for Mayor and is still so pissed about it he will drag his baggage and drama into your party?

I know, it's a close call.

If you have not renewed your memberships, do it now online. Print out your membership receipt and bring it to the November party meeting on the 14th at 7pm and for Pete's sake - VOTE!

One more thing: He has contributed only to mofo REPUBLICANS!