Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Koch-Head Ryan Pocketed $100,000 Stained With American Blood

Ahmadinejad with American hostage
Paul Ryan has voted and co-sponsored many a bill on U.S. sanctions against Iran. He voted in support of continued sanctions and divestment in Iran as recently as 2010. Ryan's position on Iran has been clear.

From his own website:
"There is no question that terrorism and the Iranian regime pose serious challenges to stability in the region and peace around the world. Of the knowledge I gained from this brief but intense visit to the Gulf, the greatest is this: ...We must also seek their increased cooperation with disrupting international terrorist networks, shutting down terrorist financing operations, reducing terrorist recruitment pools, and confronting regional threats like Iran."
Some of you may not remember the Iran hostage crisis which began in 1979 when 52 Americans were taken hostage for 444 days. A failed rescue attempt cost the lives of eight American servicemen. Iran has done many bad things and Ahmadinejad's antisemitic rantings about the existence of the Holocaust is just one.

It has been illegal for any U.S. companies to trade with Iran since 1995, but our favorite billionaires, the Koch brothers set up foreign subsidiaries to do just that and did so just as recently as four years ago. They did business with terrorists, murderers and folks who have pretty intent on developing nuclear capabilities for quite a while...but greed knows no nationality and honors no sanctions.

And so it goes for Congressman Ryan - who in spite of word and deed against the devilish work of the Ahmadinejad and his government - has quietly pocketed $98,000 of Koch Industry PAC campaign cash and $2500 from David Koch himself. Money generated in part from illegal and immoral dealings with Iran.

When Ryan speaks of "shutting down terrorist financing operations" he's talking about people like Koch Industries and their shell game of foreign subsidiaries. Too bad it didn't stop him from cashing their checks.

The deaths of eight Americans, the bankrolling of terrorists and the stunning pledge to wipe out Israel all traced back to the cash in Mr. Ryan's Brooks Brothers suit pocket.

What will be done about it? Absolutely nothing. It's is little wonder why people have taken to the streets across the world isn't it?