Monday, October 3, 2011

The Kochtopus & The Vos

Bloomberg News came out just yesterday with a bombshell article about Koch Industries and a sordid and secret tale of corporate crimes usually reserved for Hollywood movies.

Most folks who follow the Koch bros already know about the cover-up of two teen deaths after one of their pipelines exploded, the benzine pollutant release in Corpus Cristi, their funding of the Cato Institute, Americans for Prosperity and the seed money for ALEC. They don't just pull some strings, they own ALL the strings.

There was also the unfortunate fake phone call to Scott Walker, providing Wisconsinites an insight on how easily the Wisconsin Governor would take a call from one of the two brothers and basically spill his entire game plan to him...even if it was a phony Koch.

In spite of all the legendary things we know about the Koch's and their self-serving dealings, The Bloomberg report has revealed the Koch's have been quietly working on behalf of the Iranian government to sell petrochemicals and build a methanol plant in Iran - which has been illegal since 1995 because the Iranian State has been declared a threat to national security.

Bloomberg also uncovered evidence of Koch bribes to win business to the governments of Africa, India and the Middle East - which is a violation of the Federal Corrupt Practices Act.

These are major federal crimes.

If this was any other place, it would be another interesting story on corporate greed and crime. But this is Wisconsin - which has been the farm team laboratory for the Koch's Libertarian theories.

The Koch's PAC was the second largest contributor to the Walker campaign. Koch Industries are intertwined with the Wisconsin business cultures in coal energy and timber plants. Americans for Prosperity is being investigated for voter caging and voter deception schemes. Racine's own Fred Young appears and MC's at exclusive and private Koch bro seminar get-aways.

Then there is ALEC, the Koch crown jewel. A corporate and legislative dating service as Representative, Mark Pocan so aptly put it. The ALEC Wisconsin State Chairman? No less than our own Robin Vos. Not only is Vos connected to the Koch's through a road map of dealings and legislation but cashed a Koch PAC campaign contribution check just last year. Vos is their point man in Wisconsin.

The Koch's are criminals and traitors and Robin Vos works for them, he is passes their legislation and he is funded by them. It is not a coincidence, it is a plan that has been unraveling through the hard work of many journalists, whistle-blowers and investigators.

Read the Bloomberg article and go to ALECexposed to learn what is happening to our democracy.