Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NJDC Calls On Pols To Give Back Koch Money

Yesterday, the National Jewish Democratic Council called on Republican Presidential Candidates and GOP national committees to return all Koch donations after Bloomberg news revealed Koch Industries illegal sidestepping of US law to do business with Iran.

The NJDC also called on them to state clearly and for the record their position on business trade with Iran.

Why, you may ask is their collective undies in such a bundle?

Well, besides that it is illegal to sell to or do business with Iran or employees of state owned companies, there is the small matter of Iran's President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's consistent denial of the Holocaust and pledge to erase Israel from the map of the Middle East.

The Siren finds this to be an interesting and valid position considering the GOP's fervent support of the state of Israel.

Taking their lead, Wisconsin politicians who have received Koch money need to give it back or explain to their constituents why they find it appropriate to take money generated in part by dealings with Iran - a state sponsor of terrorism.

Here is the list from Wisconsin:

Paul Ryan - $98,000
Ron Johnson - $25,500
Scott Walker - $43,000
JB Van Hollen - $12,500
Jeff Fitzgerald - $12,500
Annette Ziegler - $8600
Mike Gableman - $7000
Robin Vos - $500
Committee to Elect A Republican Senate - $7,750
Republican Assembly Campaign Committee - $5,250
State Senate Democratic Committee - $4,250
Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee - $4,000

You can see the entire list, there are a few Democrats listed - not many- and they should give the bucks back too. Call or email each of them and hold each one accountable for taking money from Koch-heads.