Thursday, October 27, 2011

Paul Ryan Is A Liar

It is the classic conversation among Democrats and people not victims of blunt force trauma to the skull - why do so many low income people and those also on Medicare and Social Security vote for Republicans who institute policies that are incompatible with their own interests.

In others words: Why do poor people vote for millionaires who only work to make other millionaires wealthier?

Is it because they so strongly believe they too will one day be millionaires and allowed in to the private country club of the Koch Bros and Roger Ailes?

Well as Paul Ryan proved yesterday at the Heritage Foundation, it is because they lie. Bald face lying lies.

This is what he had to say:
“We are an upwardly mobile society with a lot of movement between income groups," he argued "Telling Americans that they’re stuck in their current station in life, that they’re a victim of circumstances beyond their control, and that the government’s role is to help them cope with it — that’s not who we are, that’s not what we do.”
"That is what they do in class-driven Europe, he said, where “Top-heavy welfare states have replaced the traditional aristocracies, and masses of the long-term unemployed are locked into the new lower class. The United States was destined to break out of this bleak history.”
Oh that sounds so nice. So tempting the Siren wishes she had a ballot in her hand right now. But hold on a minute, it ain't true.

Our ratios of upward mobility suck and if it wasn't for the United Kingdom, we'd be dead last. If you are born rich in the US you are quite likely to stay rich and if you are born poor, you are gonna stay poor no matter what tale Hollywood Ryan tells.

You have much better chance of doing better than your parents in most all of the European industrialized countries Ryan like to shit on. In fact there is a study and here's a graph to start you off:

Ryan is selling Americans a bright shiny polished turd of an idea that is not only a lie...He is working night and day to develop policies to make sure it never does come true. As long as no one ever successfully questions the bullshit he says, nothing much about him is going to change.

Which reminds the Siren...doesn't he have a Listening Session at Gateway in Kenosha at 3pm tomorrow? Sounds like a great time to start asking him those questions.