Thursday, October 27, 2011

Paul Ryan Is Sad

Poor, sad Paul. The GOP's "Big Thinker" Paul Ryan (R-Koch) took some time to give a speech at the Heritage Foundation (Mo Koch) on the regrettable circumstances of class warfare purported by Barack Obama...
"We're coming close to a tipping point in America where we might have a net majority of takers versus makers in society and that could become very dangerous if it sets in as a permanent condition. Because what we will end up doing is we will convert our safety net system — which is necessary I believe to help people who can’t themselves, to help people who are down on their luck get back onto their feet — into a hammock that ends up lulling people into lives of dependency and complacency which drains them of their incentive and the will to make the most of their lives."
Seriously. As a man who began is young adult life on the social security dole, one wonders how he had the strength to resist the dependency and complacency in order to become the publicly paid taker he is today.

What an asshole.