Friday, October 14, 2011

Paul Ryan Votes To Let Women Die Instead Of Jobs

Last night the House got around to vote on HR 358 also known as the "Let Women Die Bill." Plenty of people inject hyperbole in to what any particular bill may mean when enacted and the tendency to exaggerate is tempting.

No other discussion is fraught with greater emotion than perhaps abortion.

Now, the Siren will say we understand and can respect those who say they are pro-life. We believe that everyone is actually pro-choice, meaning no one is "for" abortion. There are those like ourselves however, who believe there is a regrettable but very real time and place when abortion is a decision that must be made. In that instance, abortion should be safe and legal and as they say...rare.

So here comes HR 358. A bill that has no chance of passing the Senate and even if it did, it would never be signed by the President. It's symbolic and considering the desperate need for's a waste of time.

Aspects of the bill that is not hyperbole or exaggeration are the measures which:

  • Allow hospitals receiving federal funds to deny emergency abortions to women whose lives are in danger due to a pregnancy gone horribly wrong.
  • Forbid state health care exchanges from providing abortion coverage even under policies paid for entirely with your own money. It would also making getting insurance that includes coverage for abortion will be nearly impossible – putting abortion out of reach of even more women.
  • Places a gag order on insurers, preventing them from even giving women information about how to get abortion coverage.
So say your wife, who is happily pregnant suddenly develops a complication. She is hemorrhaging from what turns out to be a ectopic pregnancy. You rush her to your lone local hospital for emergency treatment. The baby will not survive and your wife's life is in danger. The hospital informs you they receive federal funds and they will not be performing a needed and life-saving abortion.

Your wife can either die there on the floor, or you can drive her to the next hospital in the next town and hope they will perform the procedure. This isn't exaggeration. This is what the bill says...even when the mother's life is in danger.

So how did the boy wonder vote? Paul Ryan voted "yes" to let women die rather than have a life-saving operation. THIS is what he calls smaller government. Oh, and by the way Paul...where are the jobs?