Monday, October 17, 2011

Randy "Bed" Hopper Arrested For DUI

Hopper and girlfriend Valerie Cass
Remember this guy? That's former State Senator, Randy Hopper. Last spring recall volunteers canvassed Hopper's home in his district only to discover that Hopper wasn't even living there but with his 25 years old mistress in Madison. Hopper's mistress got a great new job with the new administration at the time that paid 35% more than her predecessor and magically never appeared to apply for the job. Hopper's wife supported the recall.

That was just fuel to the fire that led to Hopper's fall and his dismissal by constituents in the recall election.

Classy Hopper was arrested yesterday afternoon in Fond du Lac for DUI and spent 12 hours in jail. Police dispatch logs listed one passenger, age 25.

Hopper turned out to be a lousy role model and is now a drunk driver, but at least he still has his girlfriend.