Sunday, October 30, 2011

They Are Crapping Their Pants

Instead of focusing on jobs and the economy, Wisconsin Republicans are racing to pass ramming through hasty legislation that would make the newly drawn (and court challenged) gerrymandered Senate districts effective immediately while oddly keeping Assembly districts the same until the proposed change in November 2012.

If you are confused about why this is such a priority in a time of complete economic distress - it's to insure the integrity of the vote y'all.

In other words, Republican's have shit their pants because they fear losing another Senate seat in a recall (we're looking at you Wanny) and they are attempting to pull off an illegal, unconstitutional and desperate grab for power before their historic political overreach comes to an end.

And let us not forget, they wrote the stupid law they are now trying to undo in the first place because they are in fact that moronic.