Saturday, October 15, 2011

They're Coming For You Wanny

In politics, everything comes down to the numbers. You can second guess all you want on strategy, but all you need is one more vote than the other guy and you get the job.

Van Wanggaard won his Senate seat with 52% over John Lehman...hardly a mandate. Then he turned his back on his union neighbors and sold them out. He voted in lockstep with his maniacal party and Governor. He proposed a juvenile law to keep people from picketing in front of his house and showed himself to be just another ALEC cog in the machine.

It is hardly a leap to say if the election was held today Van would wind up being the loser. The inner-city turn-out was complete crap and you can blame whoever you like - but if they had done a better job - John Lehman would still have his seat.

So the GOP did the next logical thing knowing the district Wanggaard is in he would always be vulnerable. They redistricted him and took out most of the city which presented the greatest threat if anyone ever decided to launch a good GOTV effort. Van's new district which begins on September 1st 2012 will make him Senator for life.

State Dems have reached in their pants, found their balls and are coming out saying there will be a round two of Senate recalls. Good for them. Wanny is one of three who are mighty tempting. His numbers were not great, his district is doing worse and he's a lousy campaigner.

Can he run the campaign of his life? Magic 8 Ball says "Forecast is Cloudy." Good enough for the Siren. If they are going to the trouble to recall Walker in Racine County, might as well make it a two-fer.