Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wanny Is F@#KED

Wisconsin GAB Director, Kevin Kennedy said last night that a new round of Senate recall elections will take place in their current districts and not in the gerrymandered districts the GOP drew to protect them.

This is a big deal because no one lives in a more volatile swing district than our own Wan Vanggaard and no one benefited from the re-drawn districts more than Wanny.

His district was set to change on September 1st, giving recall organizers a tight squeeze for an election date on the old turf. Under Kennedy's proposal, Wanny is going to have to duke it out in his present district where in a Republican sweep, he only won by a couple of points.

The plan must be approved by the 6 judge GAB review board. Look for the GOP to pull out every trick they have to stop this.

If the GAB succeeds, you can start counting the days til Van is gone.