Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wisconsin Is Broke! iPads For Everyone!

So the new Wisconsin Economic Development Corp - the public/private Frankenstein hybrid Scott Walker built missed the "we're broke" message.

They went out and bought 73 new iPads for their staff of 63 and spent just about $60,000 in the process. Why iPads? They said it was cheaper than buying laptops. Well, only cheaper than buying Mac laptops maybe.

It got the Siren to thinking how much it would cost if we just did a little smart shopping. So we went to Amazon put in our cart 73 brand new Acer laptops, with Windows 7, wireless, nice speed and memory. Our purchase qualified for Amazon Prime which means free shipping. Sweet!

Total cost: $25,549.27

Just in case you were wondering if was it the public or private side that paid for the iPads? Well if you have to ask...