Friday, October 7, 2011

Wisconsin Tea Party Wish List Revealed

Oh this is real kids.

Wondering what the various teabilly groups have in store for Wisconsin? Well here is their list to Santa for the coming months.

Maybe this is what they will be discussing at their teabag shindig lobby night at Burlington High School with Vos, Wanggaard, Kirkman, Litjens and other GOPsters.

In a message from Tim Dake of Grandsons of Liberty just last Saturday:

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Several of you have asked for an update to the August 27th version of the Legislative Agenda. So here it is. I have attached both the updated full Legislative Agenda of the Wisconsin TEA Party Movement and the updated brief overview Legislative Agenda.There have been several changes to the Agenda. Another bill has been enacted into law. A couple more have been scheduled for hearings and several more have been introduced. We are fortunate in that all of our hard work has begun to pay off. Roughly half of the 100th Legislature remains to be completed; leaving enough time to get several more pieces of legislation completed. Please note those bills that are coming up for hearings and encourage your membership to attend and testify at the hearings. The assistance of your membership in getting your representatives and senators to vote for these bills is both needed and appreciated. There is still time for your group to adopt a bill and push it. With nearly 140 groups in the state, it should be easy to get these bills passed. -Tim
WI GrandSons of Liberty

So here is the checklist, you can click on the images for a larger version....distribute and discuss.

Striking how their agenda responsibilities are divided among tea party groups across the state. Racine hasn't been given much to do. We wonder why?