Sunday, October 30, 2011

The World Is On Fire And What Are The "Patriots" Talking About?

Jobs? National debt? Economic decline? Not really. the Siren takes a glance at the discussion threads for the last few days.

What is on the minds of our favorite tea party folks over at the SE Wisconsin Patriot Voices of 912 or whatever they call themselves now:

1. Global Warming. The Patriots wonder if anyone has measured the earth's distance from the sun recently.

2.Injured Marine at Occupy Oakland. Our Patriots who have patterned their "movement" on perhaps the most famous act of civil disobedience feel that if Scott Olsen had only listened to the police to clear out of the public park, the police would not have had to fire a projectile at his skull.

3. AB 210. The bill that attempts to put the state in compliance with the regulations of the Affordable Health Care Act. Naturally the Patriots don't want to have anything to do with it, but they don't yet realize their arch nemesis - Wisconsin Citizen Action doesn't like it either. For a moment the planets align.

4. A call to lower public servant pay and quit fooling around with Social Security. Hmmm, we agree but it seems no other Patriots did - no comments from the peanut gallery.

5. Link to Pulitzer Prize winner, Newsmax breaking news. Sneaky Obama, what your tongue says about your thyroid and how to get Herman Cain's new book for free.

6. Unions should pay their fair share to pay the deficit and used voter fraud to not beat Walker and will again in the recall. It didn't make much sense.

7. More Newsmax. A third party group is eyeing Hilary (?) and losing weight after 50.

8. Link to the "Blaze" - they still love their Glenn Beck. A mysterious flyer "found" at Occupy Phoenix asking when it's okay to shoot a cop. A story so exclusive no one else has heard about it.

9. More bogus scary stories from various occupy cities... prostitution rings, homeless people, neo-nazis and Andrew Breitbart oh my! 

10 Last but not least: School District in Illinois who was forced by the Obama Justice Department to pay for a Muslim teacher's trip to Mecca. This is one of those great stories which is kind of true except that the teacher asked for unpaid leave...she didn't want any money at all. The school district denied her request and was found to have based their decision on the fact that she is Muslim. It's called religious discrimination and even for Muslims, it's not legal (yet). She sued and won. A small distinction to our Patriots evidently.

To sum up: stupidity, bullshit, lies and more slightly xenophobic lies.