Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WTF Is Wanggaard Up To?

So the JT this morning added a small article about some of the legislation Wan Vanggaard has attached himself. Fine.

No one cares much about the texting no-call list. The Siren doesn't get unwanted texts...yet. And they rightly pointed out his bill that lowers the requirements for school nurses.Yes, those nurses are woefully overqualified and it's stifling our children's freedom!

Not only will they need just half the degree, but Augustus Gloop is doing away with their training for dispensing medication - which is the majority of the work they do.

What a fucking idiot.

The bill that very few are talking about is Assembly Bill 237. It is a bill that authorizes arrests to be made punishable by civil forfeiture.


Right. This is exactly what it says...
"175.39 Arrest by a law enforcement officer. In addition to the arrest powers under s. 968.07, a law enforcement officer may arrest a person for a law violation that is punishable by a civil forfeiture if the arresting officer has reasonable grounds to believe that the person is violating or has violated the law."
Basically what this means is the police have the right to arrest you for having your dog off the leash...something normally you might get a citation. It was devised because Brookfield police got sued for wrongly arresting a lady who was carrying a gun. Not gonna happen again...except that it will because wrongful arrest is still wrong.

It also means that perhaps you are out "occupying" something and if you got a little loud or crossed against the light, Officer Friendly can arrest you instead of writing you a ticket. Buzz kill for the kids.

When Wisconsin Open Carry and the Hippies all call foul, you know the GOPsters have gone too far.