Monday, November 28, 2011

By The Time I Get To Arizona...ALEC Style

Scottsdale Westin Hotel
An he can get to the joint
I urinated on the state
While I was kickin' this song
Yeah, he appear to be fair
The cracker over there
He try to keep it yesteryear
The good ol' days
The same ol' ways
That kept us dyin'
Yes, you me myself and I'ndeed
What he need is a nosebleed
Read between the lines
Then you see the lie
Politically planned
But understand that's all she wrote
When we see the real side
That hide behind the vote

By the Time I Get To Arizona - Public Enemy

It's ALEC Vacation Time! Oh the fun in the sun starts on Wednesday in fancy Scottsdale, AZ and our favorite ALEC spokesmodel, Robin Vos will be there fo-sho. Don't worry he's not billing the State for his hotel room, he's going to receive a "scholarship" that pays for his expenses - which should never be construed as a bribery - because that is illegal.

Yes, when lobbyists and corporations pay for your airfare, hotel room, dinner and drinks at private meetings in a fancy hotel out of state it's called a "scholarship" - you know like a college student. It's educational. So when they show you the legislation they have pre-written and "educate" you on the issues that are most important to them, it's just like going to a seminar.

When politicians like Robin Vos attend these "educational seminars" it's all free because he's like a special needs student...ALEC needs his special abilities to pass their legislation.

This is not bribery!

The Siren doesn't care what responsible journalist's may say...what? no responsible journalists are saying anything? Never mind.