Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Friends Helping Friends

Kevin Cronin & Vicki McKenna 
Did you read that the Wisconsin GOP and their Teabillies friends have brought a case before the Wisconsin Supreme Court to put the recall elections in the new gerrymandered districts they drew but forgot to start immediately.

The Republicans wrote the new district plan and stipulated in their plan it will take effect next November. They failed to anticipate recall election boundaries in vulnerable districts - like Wanggaard's - and naturally want a do-over.

The GAB has already ruled that recalls take place among the people who elected the politician and therefore any subsequent election would also take place there as well. Pretty straight forward.

Except if you are a Republican in Wisconsin and you can't write a decent law EVER - you are going to have to dig deep to find some morsel of cause...and they did, even if it is laughable.

Their case says a recall election should take place in the new district (which heavily favor Republicans) instead of the old one because the districts drawn back in 2001 were unconstitutional. Yes, after a decade they are bringing this up now.

Any attorney should be embarrassed to be party to such a dumb plot, so naturally they got the lawyers who drew that map in the first place. They get big bucks per hour (on the taxpayer dime) so who cares?!

So how this would work, for example: In Van Wanggaard's district, he is being recalled in the district which elected him - as it should. Republicans want any election to take place because of the recall in Wanggaard's new district because the old district has been unconstitutional for a decade. The old one recalls him and the new one votes for it.

Contrived much?

It would totally laughable except they are asking our Supreme Court to appoint a three judge panel to decide and with that ball of dysfunction - who knows what will happen?

Also on a side note, the Petitioner's in their case represent a sampling of districts which includes Wanggaard's. The Racine Petitioner is Kevin Cronin, a county GOP player. He post's on Twitter each day a quote from Ronald Reagan (who could never be a Republican in 2011) and various links to intellectual Republican media sources like News Max and Pajama TV. Lol.

Cronin has a weak campaign contribution history, only having given Wanny $150.00 once and no one else. However, Cronin has an awesome wig which compared to Vicki McKenna's (pictured above) - looks less than faboosh.

Girl, go get some extentions, you're a media darling now. Our man Kevin is making you look beat.