Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's A Bromance From Hell

Oh barf! Mitt loves Paul and Paul loves him right back.

Mitt Romney found Jesus and he wasn't in Missouri this time. He found him to the north in Wisconsin and his name is Paul Ryan. Romney's budget plan delivered to the Koch funded Americans for Prosperity forum this weekend borrowed greatly from Ryan's much hated and toxic "Path to Prosperity."

It was Ryan's proposal to turn Medicare into a voucher program called "Feed Grandma The Cat Food 'Cause She Can't Afford Her Pills" that catapulted him to the third most disliked Republican nation-wide.

Romney doesn't care, the black pizza guy who likes to touch strange ladies hooha's is in first place.

Naturally, Ryan knows a vapid sell-out when he see's one and since he's got a taste for the expensive wine - he needs a multimillionaire for his next free ride.

Ryan returned the favor by telling the Washington Post:
“Look at what he put out! This is a great development."
Thank you no. I don't want to see Romney put out - ever. Oh Brokeback Mountain, I just can't quit you. Vomits in mouth.