Friday, November 18, 2011

Love, Your Disgusting Governor

It's working! They will keep saying it and pretending it's true no matter how bad things get...and they are getting bad.

Yesterday, the private sector job numbers came out and in the word of one economist they are "alarming."

9,300 jobs were lost in October. 9,300 kids.

Those guys over at Ruud the other day weren't breaking ground with their shovels, they were digging a shallow grave for Wisconsin manufacturing.

There is plenty to say about what a total train wreck Walker, his policies and his administration have been in less than a year, but a commentor on the JS online summed it up best:
"Good afternoon children,
I just balanced the budget but there is not hope for your future. I will not invest in your education but will humiliate those who are trained to give you hope. Thus, we will save money and eat dirt. remember, I BALANCED the budget.
Your disgusting Governor,Walker"