Friday, November 4, 2011

More Arrests In Assembly Gallery...12 Year Old Has Homework Removed By Sargent At Arms

The arrests continued last night while the Wisconsin Assembly debated to virtually end consumer access to the court system and allow people to drive with shotguns in automobile gun racks - you know "JOBS" bills.

People holding pictures of apple pie, Ronald Reagan, Jesus, the American flag and Mother Theresa were all arrested. If that wasn't ridiculous enough, a 12 year old student doing her civics homework had her notebook removed by the Sargent at Arms.

And yes, he made her cry.

So let us review: You may carry a loaded gun in to the Assembly gallery, heck, you may carry six! You may not carry a picture of apple pie. Apple pie will get you arrested. Don't even think about doing your homework if you are a student...that is not what the Assembly gallery is for.