Monday, November 14, 2011

No One Likes Eric Marcus

In what you might call an epic failure, a face plant, a soil sample, ass whooping, beat down, a chris brown, pwned, knocked out, destroyed, an atomic wedgie and humiliatingly schooled, Eric Marcus lost his bid for Racine County Democratic Party President by an even larger margin than he lost for Mayor.

You'll recall that Marcus lost the mayoral race with a paltry 27% of the vote. Today - in his weird bid for Democratic Party head after becoming a member for the first time just a few weeks ago - Marcus garnered 2% of the vote against longtime Democrat, Jane Witt.

Witt got 167 votes and Marcus got 4.

That's not even the wildest part. Marcus and his slate - Vice-Chair, Scott Sharp, Secretary, Penny Sharp and Trustee, Janice Hand - didn't even show up to vote for themselves. The Sharps generated 4 votes each and Janice Hand did the best with 18. Needless to say they all suffered a crushing loss.

It has been no secret the county party has been in disarray with personal grudges and in-fighting among the executive board. Party meetings became an embarrassment with erratic and spiteful behavior displayed by some elected party officials that were dis-invited today to continue in leadership positions. Good riddance.

Congratulations to all the newly elected party officers: Jane Witt, Julie Krautkramer, Beth Pramme, Jeff Coe, Diana Kovacs, Joe Cushing and everyone else elected today. It was a solid house cleaning effort just in time for the important work ahead. Now let's clean out the Capitol next!

As for Marcus...Try the Tea Party you couldn't do any worse.