Thursday, November 3, 2011

Robin Vos: Slumlord And A Pimp

It's hard out here for a pimp especially when you're double-timing it as slumlord in the off hours.

So Robin Vos wasn't just pimping for his bosses at ALEC when he put forward his "Reasonableness for Attorney Fees" bill. Turns out he had a business type interest in making sure those settlements that attorneys get - if and when they win - won't put a dent in the popcorn gangsta's empire.

Naturally, Robin didn't disclose a lawsuit he is embroiled in when introducing the bill. After five students who rented from him (and Racine County Executive, Jim Ladwig) moved out in disgust after repeated power outages, Vossy sued them for $17,000.00 in unpaid rent. The students counter sued Vos apparently with good reason because he settled the first case and their attorney filed a motion to recover $21,000 in fees.

Maybe you shoulda just given her back her deposit smarty-pants.

After the case was uncovered, Vos was quick to respond by saying his case would not be affected by his new and very convenient law. Not so much say legal observers, he's got four more cases to settle from just this one and nothing in the law says unsettled cases won't be subject to the fee cap once it passes.

It is worth mentioning -once again- that cases like these are brought by consumers who feel they have been wronged or cheated against businesses who very often have attorney's on retainer for just these kind of cases. Since college students, for example, can't pay legal fees up front. Lawyers who take these kind of cases get paid only if they win. Vos' (and by that we mean ALEC's) bill takes the incentive away for attorney's to take cases from regular people and protects businesses from having to pay when they lose.