Friday, November 18, 2011

Serial Liar Paul Ryan Apes Income Inequality

Paul Ryan is not stupid. He's not Michele Bachmann or Steve King who say the most absurd things presented as fact.

Who else could sell the idea of paltry private Medicare vouchers as a way to "strengthen" it? The old folks eat it up - willingly trusting the guy they wish were their grandson without ever realizing he's a charlatan of the highest order. If he passed around paper cups of kool-aid and told them it would cure their arthritis they would gladly drink it up - and die.

No more arthritis Grandma, rest in peace. See he didn't lie, he just left out the part about killing you.

So the serial liar and son of Rand has come out with a report that actually bemoans the inequality of wealth in our country. (Would this be the right moment to remind you all Paul Ryan is a millionaire?)

Victory! The 99 perecenters have succeeded in getting past the styling gel stuck in his ears.

Don't believe it for a minute.

Ryan is smart enough to watch the news, he heard the people in his listening session literally cry about not being able to find a job and support their families. He also knows Racine ranks highest in unemployment. His district is the Detroit (sorry Detroit) of Wisconsin and pretty soon people - maybe even Grandma - is gonna start blaming pretty boy for it.

So if he just says 'income inequality" people will say "See, even Paul Ryan is talking about it." It's a bunch of shit, just as black and fetid as the place in Ryan's chest where his heart should be.

You can't deny that wealth in this country is shockingly uneven and getting worse. You can however blame the exact wrong reasons for why it has occurred and that's what serial liar Ryan has done.

Try reading it. It is so obfuscated with numbers, graphs and citations that add up to gibberish you will just want to go ahead and drink the kool-aid now.

Here's the gist: After being slammed by real economists (who didn't get a degree of Miami of Ohio) for shitting on European countries who's income mobility is far greater that the US, Ryan attempts to prove they are wrong because...wait for it...the average US household now owns nearly THREE televisions.

To say the Siren hates Paul Ryan with the burning intensity of a thousand suns is a massive understatement.