Thursday, November 17, 2011

Something Stinks In Caledonia And It Ain't The Cabbage

Democrats hate to canvass in Caledonia. The people are nasty, arrogant and often downright mean. They will flip you off, they will call you names. The Siren and her friends would rather canvass in the lowest, most rundown parts of any Racine neighborhood than go the misery that is Caledonia.

Those people are at least nice and show a girl some common decency.

Back a couple of years ago an Obama canvasser was dragged across a yard in Caledonia by her hair and then beaten around the head. Another canvasser was purposely nearly hit by a car in Caledonia when she tried to get back in her own car. How do we know it was on purpose? The asshole turned around and tried it again.

White people who behave badly and don't give a crap that they do. Way to represent Caledonia.

Every once in a while we meet some people who live up that way who are not the junior-league-country-club-white-supremacists we usually encounter. They look beat down and ALWAYS apologize for their village as a whole. Poor souls.

Just as we were starting to think Caledonia wasn't a secret training ground for some nutty teabag militia - 3 assholes from Caledonia bring the whole town back down again in to the cabbage manure that stinks up the air.

The Patch ran a story yesterday about three unnamed geniuses from Caledonia who devised a plan to collect recall petition signatures and either destroy them or simply not turn them in. (The story seemed to change a bit once the word "felony" was bandied about.) They claimed to be part of a larger effort to sabotage the recall - a group they did not name but just might rhyme with "Pee Farty".

Bill Folk had to release a statement condemning this brilliant idea, the GAB and Dem Party issued statements and the boys peed in their pants. By the end of the day they were singing a different tune! "We're sorry, we're going to turn them in."

A sudden attack of conscience? No fucking way. PLENTY of people around town knew exactly who they were and it was only going to take a few more hours before someone squealed.

Caledonia has once again been restored to it's rightful place as the ignorant and nasty capital of Racine County. Thank you fellas.

For the few trapped behind the "Asshole Curtain", we are establishing a self-help group and witness protection program for you shortly. Stay strong we will not forget you!