Monday, November 14, 2011

Thank You Scott Walker

Could there be any better cannon start to the recall effort in Racine than a visit from the Goober himself on Recall Day?

Oh yes, he may have cancelled his trip to Kansas after labor planned to protest his visit to a big GOP fundraiser - the idle rich don't like being shouted at by teachers and firemen and might have stayed home - safe with their checkbooks.

But he is coming to Racine. Ha! Goober will be at Ruud Electric for a groundbreaking on a building his administration had absolutely nothing to do with so he can get a picture and get shouted at by angry protesters...again.

Having no need to organize a kickoff event, protesters (which we like to call your neighbors) will convene at the corner 96th and Rayne (9531 Rayne in Sturtevant) around 9am and sign petitions in front of Scotty boy himself. Awesome!

Thank you dude for giving Racine opening day such a nice bump!