Monday, November 7, 2011

Thanks For Nothing, Eric Marcus!

Photo: Pete Selkowe Racine Post
There is an interesting phenomenon surrounding the unfortunate reporting of the $6 MILLION start-up of a City Animal Control facility now that Countryside Humane Society has opted out of the business.

We like to call it back-story.

It's funny how the JT never mentions the reasons behind Countryside's decision to no longer offer animal control services.

In June of 2010, Eric Marcus organized a protest of Countryside Humane Society calling for the ouster of their top officials. In July of 2010, Marcus requested six years worth of City records of Countryside's contract as well as records pertaining to the City's Environmental Director while she served on the board for Countryside. His request was denied in early August of 2010.

"Countryside is facing a crusading foe in Marcus, who said he's already researched ways to reorganize the shelter. Marcus already convinced the City Council to send its animal control contract out for bid next year, a step the city hasn't taken in at least five years because Countryside is really the only provider in the area. 
He's now talking about organizing officials in Racine County's 18 communities - all contract with Countryside - to consider a new organization managed by outside contractors."  ~Racine Post, June 2010
A few days later, Countryside tried to defend itself against the controversy Marcus had generated - over the use of expired vaccines that harmed not one single animal. Marcus publicity called for additional contracts for services to be considered as if Countryside was soaking the city and organized citizens to testify before the Common Council - but no one else wanted the job.

By the end of 2010 Countryside decided it was no longer worth the effort and voted unanimously to cease to provide services for Racine at the close of 2012.

What has become of Erics' "outside contractors"?  Well nothing good. A $6m price tag with no other communities interested at all.

How is it that this isn't hung around the neck of Marcus like a multi-million dollar dead albatross? Are the voicemails that annoying Steve?

PS. He's the same guy now running for Racine County Democratic Party Chairman. Join here to vote against him while you still can!