Friday, November 18, 2011

Vos Steps In It

One would imagine as Co-Chair of the Joint Finance Committee, State Representative, popcorn magnate and enterprising slum lord, Robin Vos would have lots to do. Robin Vos turns out to be a talented multi-tasker having taken time during the work day to personally call up an unnamed Unified School District principal to interrogate them about how some teachers may be handling petitions.

Such personal attention to detail!

One would think his concerns could have been handled by a staff member. No intimidation here at all folks.

Of course teachers are allowed by law to have petitions and give them to each other, but Vossy didn't like that one bit. Since we already know he doesn't give a shit about the law - he inserted himself just enough to threaten a school principal. 1st Amendment? Never heard of it.

Interim Superintendent, Ann Laing, issued a clarification of petition procedures later in the day strongly stating the law allows petitions to be on school property and distributed among staff members. Teachers are reminded to only sign petitions after work hours.

You don't think he's terrified just a little bit do you?