Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Walker's Wisconsin Worst In Nation

Oh yeah, it's working baby...just about as well as we said it would...just about as well as it worked in Milwaukee County when Scott Walker was County Executive.

Not only did Wisconsin bleed jobs last month, our job loss was the worst in the entire country. Sounds bad, but it's actually worse: in a month where the country as a whole saw some improvement in jobs numbers over the last couple of months...Wisconsin tanked.

Can't blame Obama, can't blame the economy - while it is pathetic - that ol' socialistic state of Illinois who had the bassackwards idea of raising revenue instead of gutting education and healthcare and destroying worker rights just for laughs - actually gained jobs. Illinois ADDED 30,000 jobs.

Hmmm. That can't be. Only a state that gives every and anything away to corporations at the expense of the poor, the elderly, voting rights, women's rights, children and teachers, the environment, public transportation, higher education and health care until the people finally rise up to run their state leaders out of office - only a state like that truly attracts corporate confidence.

I mean, no other state offers tax incentives do they? Of course they do, they ALL do. Why wouldn't a corporation want to move to a state that is as politically toxic as Wisconsin, run by a Governor who has become the poster boy for GOP over-reach?