Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wanggard Raising Money From Guy Who First Tried To Give It To A Prostitute.

Akil Almeri - From his Facebook page
Someday's these stories just write themselves. Big props to Zach at Blogging Blue for making the catch...

Last night, Wan Vanggaard along with new buddy, Ron Johnson held a fundraiser at the home of Racine's Akil Ajmeri.

Ajmeri is a local businessman who runs a Subway franchise and some gas stations and just got the green light from Racine to build a gas station-car wash-subway on Washington Ave in the inner city.

In 1993 Ajmeri was arrested for soliciting a police officer for sex. It seems he thought she was a prostitute. Oops!

Ultimately, Ajmeri's charges were dismissed and he went on to a productive business career allowing him to legally give money to other prostitutes:

Van Wanggaard - $1100.00
Scott Walker - $1250.00
Robin Vos - $350.00
Bill McReynolds - $200.00

Ajmeri's family members have gotten in on the action by tossing in another $1100.00 in cash to the four prostitutes mentioned above. Not bad.

The Siren congratulates Mr. Ajmeri for learning how to legally funnel money to the real prostitutes in Wisconsin. We're not sure however if your money is better spent.

Sorry working girls, you'll just have to troll outside Randy Hopper's house... wherever that is.

BTW: Herb Katt - don't even bother sending me nasty emails about your friend, it's public information brother.