Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"What Did He Do That Was So Bad?"

It's a refrain heard from friends and neighbors who just don't understand why everyone is in a huff over Scott Walker. It makes the rest of us wonder if those friends and neighbors have recently suffered some head trauma which we were not made aware.

The reasons are so many, the Wisconsin Dems website had to organize them not by individual actions but by subject links...corruption, health care, jobs failures etc. because they actually happen on a daily basis.

Like yesterday for example: the Committee for Review of Administrative Rules - which we like to call - "Don't Even Try To Make A Policy We Don't Like Or My Buddies Are Gonna Over-Rule It. It is a particularly heinous little byproduct of the February over-reach in which branches of the Wisconsin government who have been setting policy and making recommendations independently for decades now can be swiftly overturned with brand new powers bestowed upon the Committee for Review.

Wanna guess what the party balance is on the committee? This is what it looks like in real life:

The GAB ruled out tech college IDs in September. Why? Who knows, but it was cool with Walker. They forgot to read the law which said "accredited colleges & universities." As long as they distribute IDs with the required information - which BTW will cost them money - Gateway IDs should be good enough.

Upon review, the GAB said last week they believed that student ID's issued from technical colleges are an acceptable form of ID.

That was definitely not okay with Walker and his cronies. 400,000 people attend tech colleges in Wisconsin, 400,000 people who got their school budgets cut by 30% this year and are a little mad about it. Republican's said yesterday they didn't mean tech schools when they wrote the law - even if they actually are accredited - which they are.

(Isn't it amazing they say now that's not what they meant when they wrote it? Was it because they were so busy shoving it down Wisconsin's throat they didn't take time to read the fine print? Or did they not understand the law fully because it was written by the assholes at ALEC?)

What's a guy to do? The GAB was just following their law. So naturally the Committee for Review swung into action an is calling for the GAB to write administrative rules on the IDs which means they get to "review the rules" and kill it the first chance they get. Since Walker has ultimate authority now, he will carefully take the committees's recommendation under consideration and make the call.

It's good to be king.

Branches of Wisconsin were designed to work independently so that no Governor has imperial power over them. Walker's little committee of 6 Republicans and 4 Democrats now gets to oversee the rules these branches make and Walker gets to override them as he pleases.

This is life in Fitzwalkerstan and just one thing he has done that really is so bad.