Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What You Need To Know About The Recall In Racine

1. The Recall Office is located at 2100 Layard Ave. in The Racine Labor Center. It is open from 9am to 9pm everyday. The phone number is 262/631-9719

2. You can sign the petitions and learn how to volunteer at the Recall Office. If you want to circulate a petition - and that's the reason we're all here - you will be trained on how to correctly and accurately gather signatures.

3. There are snacks.

4. You may download petitions to sign and/or circulate. They come with instructions to follow, so if you are new at it - read them over. You may mail them in, the address is listed. You can also bring them in to the Racine Recall office and someone will check them over for you...and you can have a snack.

5. If you are a lousy troll who can't respect the rights of citizens - kinda like your lousy Governor - you could download petitions and circulate them only to destroy them later...understand however, you are committing a crime. The intentional destruction of petitions with signatures of Wisconsin residents is a felony. If you think you'll approach a recall volunteer and destroy their petitions, it is a felony and they will call the police. Falsifying information with stupid cartoon names is also a big no-no and volunteers will get your license number off your car and call the police.

6. There will be "hotspots" all over the city each day. If you see one stop and sign and let your friends know too! Happy Recall Day!