Tuesday, November 8, 2011

When You Lie Down With Dogs...

As the old adage goes...when you lie down with dogs you get fucked or a relative equivalent thereof. Well, at least that's what the Siren's mother used to say.

The Siren is wondering if those 11 Assembly Democrats who compromised and voted for the Conceal and Carry Bill are feeling a bit itchy down below after watching the Joint Committee of Review of Administrative Rules reverse the Attorney General's designation of a minimum of four hours of training before receiving a conceal and carry permit.

See, Assembly Republicans wanted to pass an even more radical bill that allowed guns everywhere with virtually no training and no permit. So a few Democrats said look we'll vote for it if you pass the less crazy bill and so they did.

One wonders if they anticipated the Joint Committee's reversal (which basically allows anyone to print up a certification and go for a walk with their guns in the park) before they decided to vote yes on a bill they didn't like in the first place.

Had the legislators who were already in bed with the gun lobby passed a completely irresponsible bill, the public could hold each of them accountable. A few naive Democrats thought they were just going to cuddle with the Republicans for a little while still got fucked. Wisconsin got a crazy gun bill that requires blood donors to get more training than gun owners.

Ahhh, mother is always right.