Wednesday, November 2, 2011

While You Were Sleeping

The Assembly stayed up all night debating jobs bills a measure to remove race as a factor from scholarships designed to help minority students.

But first, they passed a bill to allow people to gun down anyone who comes in their house with blanket immunity no matter how fishy the circumstances might look to a jury. Whew! The Siren feels so much safer now. If the State senate takes it up today the "Castle Doctrine" will go to Walker to sign into law. Thanks Wanggaard for that gem. Please let us know how many jobs we'll get out of that.

Then Peggy Krusick introduced a bill that removes race as a factor from the "Talent Incentive Program" which supplies $4.4 million dollars to needy minority students. The criteria for the program has been pretty simple: you are poor, a minority, a first generation college student, handicapped or in prison. Krusick's bill takes race out as a consideration while leaving the criteria for incarceration - the Siren concludes that our legislators prefer to give scholarships to white people in prison rather than impoverished black or brown kids in the ghetto.

Assembly Democrats went ballistic. With no referral to committee or opportunity for public hearing, Assembly Republicans along with Krusick passed the bill early this morning.

Also while you slept, eighteen members of the public were removed by police from the Assembly gallery for holding a piece of paper or silently video-taping the proceedings you didn't get to see because it all took place during the night.

November 15th cannot come quickly enough.