Monday, December 12, 2011

About Those Campaign Ads Scooter...

Perhaps the kids over at the Scott Walker "Don't Bring Me Down" headquarters haven't heard about the Google, Facebook or YouTube yet. 'Cause they've been selling some crap as fact that have taken several whole minutes to discover where really false.

Take the Jeff Knutson, I'm a 4th Grade Teacher ad...

Jeff says in the ad:
"When the state budget passed in Madison, a lot of us thought we might lose our jobs. We figured if we didn't get laid off, our class sizes would become unmanageable. But that, didn't happen."
That's a good thing for the teachers and kids over in Monona Grove, right? Except that Jeff's Superintendent doesn't seem to agree with all. Blogging Blue, Uppity Wisconsin and Politiscoop each have explanations.

Then there's that teacher in Kenosha, Kristi Lacroix. Her story has so many twists it's hard to keep up...

Kristi says in her ad:
"I'm not big on recalls, in my feels a little bit like sour grapes."
Fair enough, she's totally entitled to her opinion. Her position, however, might be more illuminating by a short explanation about why she was the only teacher to initiate an amicus brief filed in June which states that teachers do not have a right to collectively bargain.

Feels a little like sour grapes.

If only that is where Kristi's moment in the spotlight ends. After questions began to surface, Kristi didn't like the attention so much. She got her fair share of hate mail, threats and name calling - which was not right at all, unacceptable and boorish. Kristi said she kinda wished she hadn't appeared in the commercial. She had the Siren's complete sympathy...and then her Facebook posts surfaced.

Turns out Kristi was all in favor of the kind of behavior she was now receiving. On one of the nasty Facebook  pages we have spoken about previously, Kristi Lacroix was a frequent poster. Called Walker Backers Watching Walker Stalkers, they post personal information about people active in the recall movement and suggest online shenanigans with which to intimidate them.

Kristi, herself has done some reconnaissance work for the group and pointed them all in the direction of one particular lady from Milwaukee who shortly after started receiving some of the most profane and hateful communications imaginable.

Not right at all, unacceptable and boorish. Sympathy diminished.

Oh if THAT was the end to the Kristi Lacroix tale, it would be enough! It is not.

Kristi took her one sided tale of woe to the right wing Kenosha Pints & Politics meeting on December 1st. Naturally she was treated to a warm welcome. Mark Neumann was in attendance as well as someone they did not know who had a audio recorder and taped the entire event.

It would have been a pretty run-of-the-mill event if a woman had not gotten up to address the crowd with a sincere and thoughtful speech about the importance of "white pride." WHITE FUCKING PRIDE.

(You can read excerpts and hear the audio HERE)

Did Kristi rise in defense of her minority students? Did she speak out as an educator about tolerance and diversity. Fuck no. She applauded the woman's rant with the rest of crowd when she was finished excoriating blacks and Muslims.

This is Scott Walker's spokesmodel for his election campaign.

Sympathy withdrawn.