Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another Day, More Recall Volunteers Harassed & Bullied

Tom Bode, Scott Walker and Mrs. Bode
Well the JT finally got around to following up on the Racine Lexus driver story that made the national news circuit...they identified the tag numbers of the car to Bode Financial Group and it's owner, Tom Bode. The story wouldn't really be newsworthy if the driver (who ultimately was identified by people at the scene from GOP website photos) wasn't the Racine County Republican Party Treasurer.

Awkward for them. Racine County GOP officials got around the story by saying they know who the driver is, but wouldn't say if was Bode and that Bode does in fact work for Bode Financial. Their non-denial/denial only made them look like they were covering their asses and helped make the story last a whole lot longer.

Bode himself sent the JT a text saying he would not "dignify" their many attempts to reach him for a comment with a response.

Never a stronger statement of innocence have we heard.

Ah, if that were only the only news-making examples of Walker supporters harassing, bullying and even physically assaulting recall volunteers from over the week:

A Milwaukee volunteer was knocked to the ground, mangled and had her camera smashed by a Scott Walker backer just yesterday. He's facing criminal charges now.

A Walker supporter, Earl Gluth, took a swing at another woman recall volunteer in Madison just the other day and tried to grab her camera...'cause you can't live in the Land of Denial in which you believe you are a patriotic and decent person if there is photographic evidence to the contrary, can you?  

Then there have been random acts of plain old intimidation, ugly behavior, creepy stalker video tapers and general harassment by Walker supporters that suck up police time and resources because recall volunteers can never really be sure when the asshole in the baseball cap and camouflage jacket will just rant at them for a while or follow them to their cars scaring the crap out of them.

Calling the police is the only insurance one has against making sure you aren't the next one laying on the ground with bruised fingers and a broken camera.