Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Feel'n Lucky Punks?

Photo: Cap Times - Mike Devries
No, that's not a picture of the Capitol building from last winter, it's a picture from yesterday.

The Solidarity Sing-along has been meeting Monday thru Friday during lunch since the "troubles" began and have quietly continued ever since (with a few exceptions when a couple of teabillies tried to take a swing at some of the singers - cause people who like to sing are communist thugs or something like that).

Well, when Scott Walker's henchmen over at the DOA issued the new "rules" for Capitol behavior and gatherings, the Solidarity Sing-along had a problem on their hands. Not a big group, they did however number more than four - thus requiring a permit 72 hours in advance. The singers could also be on the hook for obtaining insurance if the DOA decided there could be some kinda trouble during their noon singing and if someone dropped a wrapper, they could be charged for clean-up expenses. Ridiculous.

Lawyers and state constitutional experts have all said the DOA rules are completely unconstitutional and if challenged, the DOA would lose. The rules also prompted some creative side-stepping in the form of protest...groups of three people holding signs that said in individual words: "WE ARE THREE" indicating a group under the number the DOA's definition of a protest group.

Note: It must totally suck for Scott Walker, a college washout to deal with the residents of Madison - which happens to be in the top 10 of U.S. brainiest cities with a very high percentage of folks with not only college degrees but post-graduate degrees as well. Not only will they disagree with you - they'll mock you too.

Anyhoo, back to the Sing-along...So the mocking of the DOA began, lawyers and newspapers all chimed in that they were not only wrong, but should be ashamed of their oppressive plot to keep people out of the Capitol. The Solidarity Sing-along folks decided to do nothing different than they had done for the last 10 months.

They decided to sing and take their chances.

So yesterday - on the official first day of the less than four rule -hundreds of people showed up to sing. They dared the Capitol police to arrest them and the police did not.

It seems like the Solidarity Sing-along will continue to take place as usual. The police and DOA may change their mind and haul them out, but we have a suspicion that if that does happen, a lot more than four will show up to take their place.