Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Destroyed Recall Petitions...Now I'm Going To Dizz Knee Land

The arrests they are a piling up aren't they? Wisconsin Republicans are simply apoplectic over the recall effort. I mean they are seething!

Why the hate brother?

Democrats didn't get all postal when Republicans tried to recall Jim Doyle...twice. Yes, it was a totally lame attempt that hardly merited any attention at all, but still.

The actual arrests don't even begin to reflect the number of police calls for bad and abusive behavior hurled at citizens legally petitioning their government.

They must totally be afraid they are going to lose.

No! No it's the cost of the recalls, they say. Oh yeah? Maybe you should of sent a note to the Fitzwalker's and reminded them they are supposed to represent all the people when elected to office and if they pushed it too far, people just might rise up against them.

I mean if you were so worried about the money.  

Anyhoo, two people have been arrested. One guy in West Bend who scribbled all over completed petitions...which is a felony, dummy. And a lady in Chippewa County who pulled her car over at a recall site, got out her car and ripped a sign that belonged to them...which is criminal destruction of property and disorderly conduct. Both serious charges, but the Siren would like to point out the tantrum like - I'm a nasty toddler type of behavior.

(But to the lady in Chippewa Falls, we at least want to give props for representing the sistas. Just when we thought all the abusers were white, males on the verge of Viagra from the years of steroid abuse, you go girl!)

But on to the weird and remarkable story in the world of white, nasty toddlers: You may have heard about the Facebook page Operation Burn Notice. It's a page dedicated to abusing people involved in the recall online for those who eschew cardio activity like scribbling or tearing up signs. They write a bunch of prurient stuff about recall volunteers in general...who cares? It's all designed to make the people they mock afraid.

However, one of their most provocative posters is Gailann Chicks and there is a back story to her involvement. Gailann was first noticed as the "pink slip" model and Fred Dooley's facebook "buddy" in his Real Debate in Wisconsin blog. (You'll remember the pink slip as the item serial self-promoter, Miles Kristan tossed at Robin Vos tossed during the Lincoln Day Dinner in Racine.)

Republicans took the slip and auctioned it off for charity Robin Vos' reelection campaign. Funny.

Since then, Fred's "buddy" has come in to her own by posting stuff like this:


She's adorable don't you think? Politiscoop has done an excellent job keeping an eye on Ms. Chicks and her band of internet smack talkers and came across an interesting development about her personal life.

Remember the Milwaukee Detective, Randall Chicks who was just arrested for crashing his car on the highway and who was speeding, driving inattentively and allegedly drunk at the time...awaiting toxicology reports?

Politiscoop has made a connection between Gailann and Randall which indicates they may be married to each other. The Siren cross referenced a past CCAP address for Miss Gailann and the Whitepage listing for good 'ol Detective Randall, at it seems they both have the same address on Daphne Street in Milwaukee.

After reading Gailann's posts who could blame a guy for popping a few too many and jumping in his car as fast as he can?