Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just A Guy, His Gun And His Truck

Here is Jeff Karnitz. Jeff is the guy who got arrested for defacing recall petitions last week. Jeff has a gun...naturally.

Jeff also has a truck...naturally. He is proud of both items and has many pictures of them on his Facebook photo page.

Jeff is in big trouble because he pulled his truck over near a lone woman holding a recall sign and gave her a piece of his mind. Leaving no piece left for himself and not liking her answer he then drove his truck over near the petition collectors and scribbled all over legal signatures on the petition.

They called the police and now Jeff is sad. He may have to leave his gun and shiny truck behind in West Bend when he goes to jail.

Harsh? Jeff has not exactly been an upstanding citizen. He's been a dumbass for a good decade now. He may not understand the law, but Jeff does know he likes Scott Walker.

Do you suppose Scooter will visit him in jail?