Thursday, December 1, 2011

Laughable "News" Source "Reports" Vicki McKenna Recall Fraud

When the Siren first read the breathless account in the "Wisconsin Reporter" of Vicki McKenna's name having been fraudulently added to the recall effort, we thought we were reading a Republican version of The Onion.

We actually were, except the Wisconsin Reporter doesn't seem to know it.

Here's the whole story...

A "longtime listener" emailed McKenna and told her he saw her name with an "accurate" address on a recall petition in his possession - a petition she clearly did not sign. The listener wanted to know if this "fraud" would be reported?

McKenna admitted to the fake news source she "can't verify the report" but she is "inclined to believe the listener wouldn't make up the charge." Of course she is. Why would a hyper-partisan radio talk show personality make-up a sensational story she can't prove - from a listener who's email she has not produced - in order to tarnish a campaign she disagrees with?

The Siren has a few questions:
1. How does the "listener" know McKenna's address? We tried the White Pages and nada.
2. How did the listener "see" the petition?
3. Was he signing one?
4. If not, was a completely brain dead circulator allowing some guy to riffle through signed legal petitions?

None of this comes even close to being credible...but credible enough for the Wisconsin Reporter.

The Siren thinks the "listener" (who may very well be one of the voices in McKenna's head - no cracks about her hair please) downloaded a petition and thought "Hmmmm, what if I sign Vicki's name to this petition now in my hands, and then I send her an email saying I "saw" her name on it? Vicki then can talk to fake news sources about it, get better ratings and discredit the entire recall process!"

The Wisconsin GOP is making a lot of noise about how the GAB will verify the signatures and creating tantalizing scenarios like volunteers telling people to sign twice (they aren't, but people can if they think they signed one that is not kosher) because the GAB will not be checking (they will be checking and only the first signature will count).

Why are they doing this? Because they can't win on principle, they are scared they are actually going to lose this fight and all that's left to do is lie and intimidate people.

For more information about how fake The Onion Wisconsin Reporter is, check this and this out.