Friday, December 2, 2011

Looney Lexus Driver Update

Photo: Racine County Republican Website 
Good lord people, so many emails wanting to know what is happening! Well the answer is not much - in a frustrating way and in an amusing way.

The Siren will explain the amusing part...

A police report was filed and the investigation is pending. Meaning they are doing policeman stuff.

Mr. Folk has received several invitations to comment on the connection between the Lexus and a certain Racine County Republican Officer by the Siren's devoted Wisconsin bloggers...he has declined in way that looks more like a game of twister rather than a declaration of innocence.

Example: Providing no comment or denial on the abusive profanity, the harassing phone calls and of course the backing up of the car as the retired officer took a picture of the plates - Folk takes issue with the impression the Lexus was in the parking lot at the time of the "incident". Witnesses have told us this is true - the Lexus was actually blocking northbound traffic on North Green Bay Road not in the parking lot. When the driver decided to put his luxury SUV in reverse gear, he did so while in the lane of traffic with other cars behind him.

Note: An elected official of the Racine County Republican Party may harass, verbally abuse and intimidate people and business owners only from the street and not parking lots. It's in their bylaws.

When certain dreamboat bloggers asked Folk about the connection of the Lexus whose vanity plates were registered to a Racine County Republican Party Officer he replied he would not comment on the identity of the driver until the police report was issued. (You don't suppose there is any internal effort to make sure the police report is completed anytime soon, do you?) Some readers also proposed that while the car may be licensed to a Racine County Republican Party Officer (even the Siren's grandmother was able to Google the proof in like 3 minutes) that does not prove he was driving it.

Well okay, that could be true in a "my dog ate my homework" kind of way.

We asked a couple of our minions to forward a whole bunch of photos found on the Racine County Republican Party website to the people at the scene and ask them if any people in the photos look like the driver...we have seen many Law & Order episodes. We now know from the pictures sent, the driver was not Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, Van Wanggaard or Robin Vos. They ALL said one same individual in some the photos is the guy.

Wanna make a guess at the kind of car he drives?

Lastly, Bill Folk maintains that the recall volunteers had no permission to be at the site because Emil Infusino asked them to leave. This is clever word-smithing by Folk to leave the impression the volunteers were trespassing. He's lying.

Emil Infusino gave them permission several times. He gave it over the phone, he gave it in person and he gave it to his employees. He did ask the volunteers to leave after receiving a barrage of nasty calls and witnessing a crazy man yelling profanities at women outside his business, shouting and taking pictures of a retired police officer and then putting his Lexus reverse (while in the street) in an irresponsible attempt to intimidate a person  who had been given permission to be there.

Infusino was basically terrorized and mortified, what possible choice did he have?

So as the investigation continues, the Siren cautions these and other recall volunteers not to waste their time getting caught up in the distraction of this one ridiculous incident caused by one ridiculous person. That's our job.

Now on to the frustrating part in the next post...