Friday, December 30, 2011

Meet Carl

Carl Sosnoski of Oshkosh
This is Carl Sosnoski of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Carl is the owner of Custom Heating and Cooling as well as Players Pizza and Pub in Oshkosh.

Carl was driving around yesterday in his company pickup truck (never gets old does it?) and apparently spotted some recall volunteers and decided to pull over and have a conversation with them.

At some point in Carl's "conversation" with a recall volunteer, the volunteer decided he better turn on his video camera because Carl was starting to make him uncomfortable.

Carl didn't like that very much and he let the volunteer know how he felt by saying, "you are being harassed and pretty soon you are gonna be killed." Here is the video:

Just for fun, here is another one of Carl doing shots in his bar:

Not much doubt he is the same guy. Carl is a man of simple pleasures - shots and death threats. That's all he needs to be fat and happy...or just fat.

Epic dreamboat, Zach W. at Blogging Blue in his post on the subject asks once again why does the DPW ignore these events as unworthy for comment?

Of course Scott Walker and other Republicans should repudiate and condemn criminal actions such as Carl's - especially since Carl is a campaign contributor, but they aren't going to do it unprovoked. Neither Scott Walker nor butt boy Cullen Woo-wee is going to say shit about a supporter making a death threat unless the DPW calls them on it.

What's it gonna take boys?